Church Directory

The St. Cloud Presbyterian Church Directory is now available to view online on any Web Browser.

To view the Directory you must first set up your personal account.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Click on the “Go” button below to enter the sign-in page.

2. Click on the button marked “Create Login”.

3. Enter the Email address that is listed in the Church Directory. If we don’t have an Email address for you, call the Church Office at (407) 892-2813 and let Theresa or Ronnie know so it can be added.

4. Create a Password to be used for future log-ins.

5. An Email will be sent to the Email Address you supplied. Open the Email and click on the link that will confirm your Email address.

6. At this point you can log in by clicking the “Go” button above and using your Email address and the Password you just created.

If you have any trouble logging in please send an Email to Theresa of Ronnie at , or call (407) 892 2813.